Welcome to Florida Design Out Crime Association (FLDOCA)

In the summer of 1994 Dr. Diane Zahm brought the first group of CPTED practitioners together.

In 1995 the process of formalizing the Florida Design Out Crime Association (formerly the Florida CPTED Network – FCN) began.

In 1996 Ray Wood was elected as the first Chairperson of the FCN. That year the FCN received its 501-3C designation as a non-profit organization.

Current Board of Directors


Chair David Luttrell 

Vice-Chair Dr. Tyler Patak

Treasurer Cindy Sharp

Secretary Susan Pratt

Region 1 Jamie Stephens

Region 2 Chief Inspector Jamie Kurnick

Region 3 Linda Thompson

Region 4 Ashley Leger

Region 5 Carlos Austin

Director at Large Art Hushen

Director at Large Kristen Caborn

Immediate Past Chair Leon Lipsick


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To promote the implementation of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design concepts and principles in the State of Florida.